JE Disposable Pet Toys

  • This is NOT a COMPLETE LIST of all animals Dumbnelle and Dog Killer Dave have had over the years. No one can possibly keep track of all the animals these two animal abusing morons may have had, may have abused, may have given away, may have had stolen, may have gone missing while in their possession, may have died due to neglect and/or sheer ignorance, or outright beaten and murdered over the years.
  • If you know other animals owned (past or present) by these two morons that you would like added to this page, please use the Contact Us form to provide supporting information on the animal(s). Supporting image(s) may be sent directly to NuggetCosmeticsInc. Proper image ownership credit will be listed on this page.

Pet Picture Description Fate
Tan Chihuahua named Makayala Given Away
Pet Picture Description Fate
Small white dog with Keiffer. Supposedly it was a stray and Dumbnelle gave it back to the owner allegedly while it was having a seizure and Dumbnelle was tripping on drugs. Unknown
Bearded Dragon named Yoshi. Conflicting story as to the animal's demise. Dumbnelle told someone the lizard died from a heat lamp frying it and told another person she fed the animal kale which killed it. Dead
Pitbull named Brody. Given Away
German Shepherd named Cali. Given Away
Pet Picture Description Fate
Pitbull named Jax. Abused/broken tail. Kept from 2013 to 2019 when DogKiller Dave gave him away for allegedly killing chicks and a pig. Allegedly Given Away
Given Away
Nathan's female Husky. Given Away
Jellyfish. Unknown
Black and white dog named Pumpkin. Allegedly "ran away". Unknown
Pet Picture Description Fate
Black and white french bulldog named Nugget. Murdered by racist, closet gay/homophobic, spotted prick DogKiller Dave for nipping at his daughter in a staged event that Dog Killer Dave filmed and posted to social media so he could have a justification for brutally beating and shooting the poor dog. MURDERED
Chickens, roosters and chicks. Too many to keep count of or to be sanitary in a non-commercial farming environment. 6 - 10 chicks dead due to Dumbnelle and DogKiller Dave's negligence (killed by Jax).
Rest Presumed Alive

Like a sinking swamp land really needs a pig pen.

Total morons.
1 pig dead due to Dumbnelle and DogKiller Dave's negligence (killed by Jax).
Rest Presumed Alive
Geese. Presumed Alive
Goats. Presumed Alive
Rabbits. 1 Running Loose
Rest Presumed Alive
Buddy and Junior. Allegedly Anatolian Shepherds purchased to protect the chickens and other animals from predators. Presumed Alive
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